In Defense of Musician’s Health

It is rare that I meet a musician who has not developed at least one instrument specific physical ailment.  And yet it also a topic rarely discussed.  When I encountered my own oboe-induced physical roadblocks, the amount of searching, time, and financial resources required was astounding.

My goal in making this bibliography public is to help those who are searching for answers to health questions unique to the double reed world.  I am not medically trained, though I am fascinated by the mechanics of the human body.  And in no way is this information intended to replace the need for medical help from professionals.  But being well informed as a patient can expedite both the hunt for answers and healing time.

Each page on the blog is a different portion of the bibliography, divided generally by topic with over 190 sources.  If you have difficulty finding any of the original sources, I have archived where each was found and would be happy to forward the information.

I will continue adding online resources and links over time as well.  Recommendations welcome.

This a non-profit blog, a free musician’s health education for all.  Please forward this site to anyone who may find it useful!

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