Musician’s Health Advice from Scotland

Patrice Berque, based in Glasgow, Scotland, is a professional musician turned trained physiotherapist with a focus in Performing Arts Medicine.   “He is involved in research in the field of Performing Arts Medicine, and had publications in “Medical Problems of Performing Artists” (USA), “Médecine des Arts” (France), “Physiotherapy” (UK), “Manual Therapy” (UK), “Neurology” (USA). (1)”

Berque’s “advice download” page at offers a variety of perfomance health related information.  Links of particular interest are:

Exercise for Musicians- Play Fit, Not Flat! by Bronwen Ackermann
The benefits of cardiovascular fitness for strength and endurance and the importance of carefully planned weight training is addressed.  Specifically mentioned is balanced shoulder muscles and the need for strengthening muscles between the shoulder blades to balance the overworked rotator cuff and pectoral muscles.  Stretching, yoga, pilates and balance programs are recommended.

Physiotherapy and Dystonia by Patrice Berque
Berque has a specific interest in focal hand dystonia, having been motivated to pursue his medical research by dystonia onset.  He briefly discusses constraint-induced therapy through the use of splints and motor control retraining.

Preventing Muskuloskeletal Injury (MSI) for Musicians and Dancers
A 135 page resource guide written by Dan Robinson, Joanna Zander, and B.C. Research for SHAPE (Safety Health in Arts Production and Entertainment) in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Some papers Berque has written are available for download with permission from the publisher at  Also, a series of resources are available on the links page:

(1) Quotation from Berque’s bibliography page at

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