Breathing Videos

Have you ever struggled to explain how breathing actually works to your students?
What exactly the ever-elusive diaphragm is?
Hopefully these videos will trigger some inspiration.

This first video was recently released and shows the respiratory system in a colorful, active, three-dimensional way.

TED-Ed has created the following 3 minute video.  It should be appealing to younger students with it’s simple animation.  I especially like how it talks about Carbon Dioxide, a great visual reminder of the importance of breathing out before breathing in:

A verbal description of the mechanics of breathing accompanies the three dimensional view of the respiratory system in action in this video:

Now this last one is a gem, flashing back a few decades educational science documentaries on PBS.  It may not be conducive to sharing in a lesson with students but it sure sent me back to younger years and made me smile!

Health and Healing,

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