About the Oboist

Hello!  My name is Erika Qureshi and I am an oboist.  Music has always been an integral part of my life, starting with choir and piano at the age of 3.  In grade school I started playing the oboe, studying with Yvonne Powers and Peter Kjome in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Fast forward to college, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Oboe Performance from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2001, studying with James Brody.

Following this era, I decided to raise a family and have three beautiful, lively children.  During this time I kept my oboe on a shelf.  Safe, away from busy bodies.  And gave myself permission not to feel guilty about my lack of practice.


Was this the best idea?  Possibly.  For the life of my instrument, yes.  We had two months in 2006 where my two boys broke at least one thing in the house.  Every. Single. Day.  At no point in that phase did I ever question the decision.  But as time went by, I realized that I missed music.  Sure, I could sing a lovely round of “You Are My Sunshine” but I missed being deeply involved in the music world.  It was time to pull my oboe off the shelf.

DSC06240 (2)The road back to musicianship was challenging.  Rebuilding fine motor skills and muscle memory, relearning forgotten music theory and history, revisiting the art of oboe reed making: all of these stretched me immensely.

As I reconnected with my instrument, one thing was sure:  I was officially in love with the oboe.  It was as if I had been given a little piece of myself back.

Now I am my the third year of graduate studies at Brigham Young University, studying with Geralyn Giovannetti.  What a privilege to further develop my music education!

Currently, I have the opportunity to share my love of all things oboe by teaching the music minor oboe students and reed making classes at BYU as well as maintaining a private studio in Sandy, UT.  I am the principal oboist in the BYU Philharmonic Orchestra.  Other ensembles I have enjoyed performing with locally are Aspen Winds,  the Utah Wind Symphony, Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra, and the America West Symphony.

10862510_10153067276178072_3507832030225989472_oWith one more year of school to complete (though a doctorate would be a dreamy next step….), I am working hard to make the most of every moment and pay the gift of education forward.

Hence this blog and it’s sister blog, oboeonthemountain.wordpress.com, places to collect lessons learned along the way and share them.

Erika Q