Hearing Loss Resource

Introducing the Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss!

As written on their About web page:

“AAMHL’s mission is to:

1) create opportunities for adult musicians with hearing loss to discuss the challenges they face in making and listening to music.

2) create opportunities for public performance either individually or in groups by adult musicians with hearing loss who might not otherwise have access to these opportunities

3) provide ongoing feedback to hearing health professionals, hearing researchers, manufacturers of hearing assistive technology, music educators and others to improve hearing device technology relative to music performance and enjoyment

4) provide educational opportunities to enable hard of hearing and deaf adults to appreciate and make music in ways not previously available”

{Insert infomercial voice}

If you have experienced or are currently experiencing music related hearing loss, don’t hesitate to find out more information at the AAMHL site: https://www.musicianswithhearingloss.org/wp/.

Health and Healing,

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