Hearing Loss

Whether you are a young musician with perfect hearing, sitting in a large orchestra setting with trumpets blaring behind you, or you are more advanced in years and your ears aren’t quite what they used to be, it is important to take time to ensure that you are preserving and maintaining good auditory health.  While Beethoven, once deaf, may have found a way to feel the music by cutting off piano legs and feeling vibrations in the floor, that would prove to be a more challenging pursuit for oboists.  That, and it drove him mad in the process.  Not the best route for maintaining a successful music career.

Instead, here are some links to a highly published author in auditory research in relation to music:

The Musicians’ Clinic was established by Dr. Marshall Chasin, Director of Auditory Research, along with Dr. John Chong, Director of Musician’s Injuries, in Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario.  The golden find on this site http://www.musiciansclinics.com/articles.asp is a collection of 35 articles written by Dr. Chasin on auditory health divided into five categories: music and the prevention of hearing loss, music and hearing aids, language and hearing aids, acoustics, and other.

Dr. Marshall Chasin has another website http://marshallchasinassociates.ca/.   View the FAQ page for answers to music related questions concerning hearing.  The collection of 35 articles available for download in pdf format mentioned previously is located here, on the article page, as well.

Finally, http://hearinghealthmatters.org/hearthemusic/ is the blog written by Dr. Chasin with new entries posted each week.

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